Food as Medicine Initiative

In 2021, Faith Community Pharmacy conducted research that showed many of our diabetic patients wanted to better manage their disease through diet and exercise, but faced two unique challenges: they weren’t sure exactly what they should be eating and they feared they wouldn’t be able to afford the food even if they did know. This insight inspired us to create partnerships with Be Concerned Food Pantry and the UK Extension Office to provide free, disease specific food education and free disease specific food for our patients and others in our community in need.

How Does It Work

  • Seven one and half hour training classes held in Erlanger, KY
    • Patients are provided a $25 Kroger gift card for every class they attend
    • Transportation support if needed
    • Free disease specific food provided at each meeting
    • Access to a registered dietician throughout the course
  • Ongoing disease specific food support post-training


  • Resident of Kentucky
  • Diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic
  • Unable to afford education classes and/or disease specific food
  • Income at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level

Apply for Our Next Class

Our next class begins August 19th, 2024. This class will run every Monday from 10-1130AM from August 19th through October 7th (no class on September 2nd). We will meet at the Durr Education Center located at 450 Kenton Lands Rd., Erlanger, KY. Registration is limited to the first 25 qualifying applicants.


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Participant Feedback

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and wish there was a way somehow to continue. I lost 2 lbs. since we started attending, thank you so much.


Amazing, informative class. Very helpful and encouraging


Best program ever!!


Please post this flyer to help spread the word to those in need!